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Our School Houses

Everyone at Lanercost C of E belongs to a house named after four local landmarks. In these houses, we have opportunities over the year to learn together, work together as a team and take part in special days and arts, STEM and sporting inter-school competitions. 

Our school houses are; Dacre Hall House, River Irthing House, Banks Turret House and Naworth Castle House.

Children gain points for their house by making sure that their behaviour, attitudes and learning is at the highest standard possible and by following Jesus’ example of being inclusive and treating others with care and respect at all times. These communities will develop further over the coming years and ensure that all our children are responsible members of their house. 

House points are collected weekly by our fantastic house point captains who communicate these to the whole school every Friday and update the totals below and within the school house.

Being a House Captain is an important role within school. It builds leadership and the House Captain's voices are valued to a high degree.

With upright heart he shepherded them
and guided them with his skillful hand. - Psalm 78:72

Meet our house captains:

          Lara                        Eloise                         Mac                          Scarlett


The aims behind these houses are:

  • To provide further personal development opportunities for every child within school.
  • Further supports our school motto of 'Live Life in all its Fullness' by enabling more children to have further additional purposeful opportunities to shine.
  • Fulfils and develops the four basic elements that are threaded through our curriculum and day to day life at school: Wisdom, knowledge and skills, Hope and Aspiration, Community and Living well together and Dignity and Respect.
  • Fundamentally furthers Koinonia within school.

What do our House Captains do?

Our house captains focus on the children in school's voice. For the academic year, 2022-2023, their main remit to look at mental health and wellbeing for the children in school and how the children want the school to become more environmentally sustainable. What this space for the impact they have!

Please scroll down to take a look at the latest results and photos of the latest events that the children have taken part in with their house.

  • River Irthing: 361
  • Naworth Castle: 301
  • Dacre Hall: 257
  • Banks Turret: 242